The Electric Bicycle Network

The Electric Bicycle NetworkThese eco-friendly motorised cycles will transform your riding enjoyment. With the power to whisk you safely uphill and the comfort to keep you in the saddle for those long two-wheeled adventures, electric bicycles are the perfect Lake District companion.

There are many hire points throughout the Lakes, and Windermere is no exception. You will be able to stay at many of your favourite Lake District hotels, and rent an electric bicycle for a few hours or a few days. Charging stations abound, so you should never run out of juice, with a little forward planning.

The cycles will typically have a 40-mile range, although this will vary depending how much pedal-power you can muster, and you can easily achieve a 15mph cruise, much the same as normal bikes.

Most users report that the extra urge from the motor makes a huge difference to their stamina and endurance, meaning that when you’re astride an electric bike, you can go longer and faster, giving you the scope to explore more of the fantastic Lake District scenery and attractions.

Whichever Lake District hotel you stay in, you will not be far from an Electric Bicycle charging station and hire point, and there are quite a number around Lake Windermere itself. Ask the friendly staff at Hillthwaite House Hotel, and they will point you in the right direction or visit The Electric Bicycle Network.