Kendal Golf Course

Kendal Golf Course Landscape


Once home to two separate, and rather different, golf courses, Kendal Golf Course was once the home to the nine hole Cunswick club and also The Race Course Club.

The original Cunswick club had adopted the name ‘Serpentine Golf Club’, having a clubhouse built meant that membership numbers soon increased. Unfortunately, this led to the closure of The Race Course Club way back in 1907. After The Race Course Club closure, the newer, fresher golf club took on the name of Kendal Golf Club.

With 18 holes laid out, some were perceived by golfers as being too short. However, since then, the course has been considerably lengthened. Towards the start of Kendal Golf Club’s history, it was the course of choice for many exhibition matches containing golf legends Ben Sayers, Sandy Herd, E. Ray and Harry and Tom Vardon.

During the sixties, major adjustments were made to the clubhouse; providing better facilities and luxuries. The Professional shop was added, which gave spectacular views of the valley, heading towards Morecambe Bay.

In the mid 90’s, officials were in agreement to further extend the course and to re-lay greens with current USPGA specification.

Thanks to its natural limestone drainage, the course is playable throughout the year. Whilst it may be a short yardage course in comparison with modern courses, the par 69 Kendal Golf Course provides an exceptional challenge for all levels of players, from rookie to professional.

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