BlackwellThis beautiful and historic building should be part of any trip to the Lake District, especially when you’re planning what to do in Windermere.

Designed as a holiday home by the legendary architect MH Baillie Scott, the first occupants were Sir Edward Holt and his family.

Completed in 1901, the house is built in the Arts and Crafts style beloved of the late Victorians. There is so much fascinating artwork and furnishings, and numerous events and exhibitions for you to experience throughout the year.

There are also many interesting activities to keep the children occupied, and Blackwell is a great place for a family excursion.

Of all the Hotels in Windermere, Hillthwaite House is a superb place to stay, being just a couple of miles round the shore of Lake Windermere from Blackwell, and is an ideal base for you to visit this beautiful and unique attraction from a bygone age.

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